delmarvaThe Delmarva Peninsula possesses an extensive variety of environments, including barrier islands, tidal wetlands, cypress swamps, upland fields and primeval forests. Our annual Delmarva Birding Weekends celebrate the amazing warblers, shorebirds, waterfowl and raptors that visit and live here on the peninsula.

Since 2016, our Winter Delmarva Birding Weekend has featured boating and hiking trips with a special emphasis on winter waterfowl and raptors. Since 1995, the Spring Delmarva Birding Weekend combines boat trips, paddling treks, and expeditions by foot when migrating neo-tropical warblers are passing through our region.

In 2017, we’ll pair great birding and great coffee shops and breweries with our monthly “Beans, Birds & Beers” series, and we’ll be working with Smith Island to run special trips to Maryland’s only inhabited island, home to one of the northernmost Brown Pelican nesting colonies on the planet. We’ll also be working with the inaugural Baltimore Birding Weekend, the 2nd annual Delmarva Paddling Weekend, and the 25th annual Eastern Shore of Virginia Birding & Wildlife Festival!

Field trips take place in the land and water that feed into the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, and the Atlantic coastal bays. More than 400 bird species have been recorded in the region. 202 species were tallied during the 2009 spring Delmarva Birding Weekend!

Participating birders will be helping birds by promoting bird and habitat conservation. Birders, both novice and experienced, can make an important statement about the economic value of birds and their habitats through low-impact tourism. Birders are encouraged to remind local businesses that they are here to enjoy Delmarva’s natural areas and the birds that inhabit them.

The Delmarva Birding Weekends and other events are organized by Conservation Community Consulting, LLC, along with a host of other sponsors and partners. To learn more, contact us at:

Jim Rapp – dlitedirector@comcast.net – (443) 614-0261
Dave Wilson – marshhawk67@gmail.com – (443) 523-2201